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Tweakend – 07/27/15

Another week has (almost) passed and we have another tweak release roundup for you. Our weekly Tweakend posts allow you to catch up on the latest Cydia tweaks that were released in the past week. Check out what you might’ve missed…

Ariki – $1.49
Live camera view through your keyboard allowing you to text and walk

Always Forward WatchOS Notifications – FREE
This tweak forwards WatchOS notifications to your device even when unlocked

Alympus – $3.99
A new home for your apps, music and toggles. Check out our review here

BiggerPhotoPreview – FREE
Makes Twitter timeline photo’s bigger

BlurBoard – FREE
Make your keyboard transparent and/or add a blur effect to it

FastCenters – FREE
Dismiss NC and CC faster

FBMChatHeads – $1.49
Brings chat heads to the Facebook Messenger app

Heart Transplant – FREE
Add songs to My Music by tapping the ‘Like’ button

InstaCode – FREE
Merge the Lockscreen date/time and the passcode screen, no more having to swipe to enter passcode

iOSRoamingGuide – FREE
Simulate your device’s GPS location

iRec Screen Recorder – FREE
A HD screen recorder for your device

logrotate Daemonizer – FREE
Daemonizes the logrotate tool. If you dont know what this is, you shouldn’t have it

Macio – $1.99
Add Activator events to your keyboard, for example, holding ‘c’ could open the Calculator app, holding ‘w’ could enable/disable Wifi

Phhhoto Noise – FREE
Configurable noise filter for your photo’s

Siria – FREE
Get Cydia tweak descriptions via Siri

SmartSourcePrompt – FREE
Import multiple Cydia sources just by having them in your clipboard

SwipeToDelete – FREE
Swipe left to delete Photo’s/Albums

Watchdog Pro – $2,99
A fully fledged backgrounding tweak for iOS 8. Check it out in Cydia for a full run down of features

An advanced IRC bouncer that is left connected so an IRC client can connect/disconnect without losing the chat session

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