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Tweakend – 07/13/15

The Tweakend is here again, catch up on the latest Cydia tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

Enables copying text in Alien Blue

Acapella II (iOS 8.4) – $1.99
Replaces the Previous/Play/Next buttons in the Music app, Control Center and Lockscreen with gesture controls. Tap to Play/Pause, swipe left to play Previous Track & swipe right for the Next Track

AfterLock – FREE
Enable an Activation event after ‘x’ seconds of locking your device

AlertClose – FREE
Displays an alert with the options to ‘Close Application, Relaunch Application and Dismiss Switcher’ when swiping up on an app in the App Switcher

BatteryFlow – FREE
Allows you to have a ‘Low Battery’ banner alert or a pop-up alert or even disable it completely. Customize the title, message and the button of it.

CirDock – $1.00
Brings a cool carousel Dock to iOS with tons of customization options. Video here

Cydia Impactor – FREE
Allows you to “unjailbreak” your device, removing all data, apps, documents, etc as though it was updated via iTunes. Check out our post for more into

DelayVolChange – FREE
Press the volume button to bring up the HUD, press it again to change the volume

DockBar for iPhone (iOS 8) – $0.99
Invoke a Dock of apps from the side of the screen via an Activator gesture

FastLoading – FREE
Disables the rebuilding of app icon caches when finalizing item installation in Cydia (UI cache)

Flyer – FREE
Replace the ‘Send’ button in Messages with an image

HUDplus8 – $0.99
Cool customization options for the HUD. Set the color and transparency of the HUD and HUD image and more

Messenger Pro – FREE
Advanced Settings for Facebook Messenger, includes switching accounts, enable/disable saving Photos to the Camera Roll, Notification previews ON/OFF, ability to automatically download videos when on WiFi only, and much more

Mix ToolBox – $1.00
Show/hide certain elements of the Notification and Control Center

nobar+ – FREE
Enables fullscreen in Cydia by hiding the Statusbar

NoDiscoverInStories – FREE
Remove Snapchat’s Live Stories & Discover sections

NoExploring – FREE
Removes the ‘Explore’ tab in the App Store app

ShowAllCydiaUpdates – FREE
Toggles ‘Show All Changes’ for tweaks in Cydia to ON

TranslucentCydia – FREE
Give Cydia’s installation screen a translucent, blurried image of your Homescreen instead of a the usual solid black color

WALockChats – FREE
Lock WhatsApp chats simply by swiping

WA Disable Proximity Sensor – FREE
Disables the proximity sensor in WhatsApp

QuickManualSub – FREE
Convenient button in Alient Blue that lets you quickly enter a subreddit name

Loads of quality tweaks this week, there’s more than a few worth checking out

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