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Tweakend – 07/06/15

The Tweakend is finally here. Catch up on the latest Cydia tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. We’ve had another tweak-packed week. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

Amplify – $0.99
Improve the functionality of Spotify, now includes a Sleep Timer, QuickScroll feature (preview here), also keep repeat state and force show statusbar on Now Playing screen

AntiTheft+ – $1.49
Activate GPS and take a photo with the front facing camera and have the picture sent to your email when someone enters the wrong passcode

Asphaleia 2 (iOS 8) – $1.99
Secure your devices features, require passcode or Touch I.D. when trying to open a secured app or feature (NC, CC, Power options, etc)

Camerability – $1.49
Adds the Camera to the Reachability view

camshot – FREE
Take photos from command-line

DathBanners 2 – FREE
Colorize banners, Notification Center and Lockscreen banners

eJuice – $1.99
An eCig calculator, includes recipes, an online community & an eCig store

Hide NC Lines – FREE
Hide separator lines in Notification Center

MusicMod – FREE
Customize the new Music player in iOS 8.4. Hide recent library & recent playlists, hide Connect, Radio, For You/New tabs, remembers last song play position and much more

Nella – FREE
Customize Cydia’s tweak installing screen, change the background, button color & even ‘auto respring/reboot’ when a tweak install requires it

NoMoreSeparators – FREE
Removes tableView separators – screenshot

NoUpsideDown – FREE
No upside down orientation…simples

Protecti+ (iOS 8) – $2.99
Disable/supress certain iOS features such as Siri, Search, Control Center, Notification Center, Notifications, hide app icons, disable app uninstall and more

ReGram – FREE
Repost a photo that was posted by a users you follow on Twitter

SafariSwiper – FREE
Swipe the bottom navigation bar to switch tabs, works best on iPhones

Stunden – $0.99
Brings Android Interruptions to iOS 8

SwipeAway – FREE
Dismiss Cydia’s keyboard when using Search, with a swipe

TransparentSB – FREE
Make UI elements transparent instead of blurred

TweaksRefresher – FREE
Pull to refresh for Cydia!

WAChatHeads – $1.49
Facebook-like ChatHeads for WhatsApp

WatchNotifications – $1.00
WatchOS style Lockscreen notifications

WAQuickReply – $2.99
A cool quick-reply tweak for WhatsApp

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