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Tweakend – 06/29/15

The Tweakend is here again. Catch up on the latest Cydia tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. This week we see a lot of cool releases, there’s bound to be something you’ll want to install. Check out what you might’ve missed…

Battivator – $1.49
Enable/Disable various system toggles at predefined battery levels. For example, disable cellular data at 35% or turn on Airplane mode and kill all background apps at 20%. There’s also a customizable Low Power Mode

Codling – FREE
Blurs the ‘reloading data’ and other heads up displays in Cydia

ColorPass – FREE
Change the color of your passcode keys

CustomDia – FREE
Enable landscape in Cydia, remove ‘pirate’ pop up when adding repo and more

DismissProgress – FREE
Dismiss the installation page with a ‘Close’ button

Emoji83+ – FREE
Unlocks all emoji flags and includes Spock’s vulcan salute (iOS 8.3+)

FavoriteTweaks – FREE
Create a ‘Favorites’ in Cydia, allowing you to manage your favorite Cydia tweaks. Requires latest Cydia update

Handoff4S – FREE
Enables Handoff/Continuity feature on older devices

iLostFinder Anti-Theft Pro – $9.99
Find your lost/stolen iPhone by taking a photo with the front camera and get it sent to you via email. Features include not allowing the device to be powered off, disabling wifi/cellular/airplane toggle (so can’t be turned off) and much more. All this comes with a pretty hefty price tag

iOS 9 KeyboardSelection – FREE
iOS 9’s keyboard cursor-like feature on iOS 8. Hold with two fingers to move the cursor

Landia – FREE
Use Cydia in landscape orientation

Minimal Camera 2 (iOS 8) – FREE
Hide/disable certain Camera features, such as Grid, HDR, Flash, Front Camera button, and more

Mirmir – $3.99
Multi-window multitasking, run more than 2 apps simultaneously, while both (all) being fully interactive

Mousai – FREE
Hide certain elements in the new iOS 8.4 Music app

MusicRotate – FREE
Enable rotation in the iOS 8.4 Music app

NoMusicRotate – FREE
Disables the cover flow in the Music app when in landscape orientation

NoSiriEmergency – FREE
Disables ‘Auto-Call’ in Siri, you’ll just have to press ‘Call’ within Siri after saying ‘911’

QuartzMessages – $1.50
Theme your Messages app without Winterboard, either use one of the themes included or have the major colors change depending on your current wallpaper

RaiseToAnswer – FREE
Raise your phone to answer an incoming call

ShareTweak – FREE
Share tweak information with others, with a few taps its ready to be emailed

SwipeForMore – FREE
Swipe on a tweak in Cydia to ‘Install’, ‘Queue’, ‘Remove’ or ‘Reinstall’

TimeUntilAlarm – FREE
Show the time remaining until an alarm goes off directly in the Clock app

Twitter ++ – FREE
Enhance your Twittering experience, share links, images, videos and more from Twitter. Download YouTube videos directly from Twitter, select whether you want links to open in the app or in a third-party browser, plus much more features.

Velox 2 (iOS 8) – $1.99
Snap a photo, search YouTube, make a note, and more all without having to leave the Homescreen. Check out our beta review of Velox II, it has come a long way since then

Wave – FREE
Wake your device by waving your hand over its ambient light sensor

WhoozIt – $0.99
Find out a callers I.D. as WhoozIt searches your stack apps (Phone, Messages /NC, etc) for a possible match

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