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Tweakend – 05/25/15

The Tweakend is here! Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. There are a load of cool tweak releases this week, here’s what you might’ve missed…

Aeuria LS – FREE
Have the clock be main focus of your Lock Screen. Screenshot 1Screenshot 2

AppRunByActivator – $0.99
Skip your passcode and automatically have an app open via an Activator gesture on the Lock Screen

BlurryLaunch – FREE
Add a smooth blur effect whenever you launch an app

CertManager – FREE
Allows you to choose which SSL certificates to trust on your iDevice. If you don’t know what this is then it probably isn’t for you

CloudToButt – FREE
Have a bit of fun and change the word ‘cloud’ to ‘butt’ system-wide

DeLe – $1.49
Delay sending SMS or iMessages, very useful if you’ve often found yourself wanting to cancel sending a message

Favorites – $0.99
View and manage your favorite contacts right within the Notification Center

IneffectivePower – FREE
Stops the “Effective Power” text string from crashing Core-Text on a system-wide level

MiBand Utility – FREE
Notification support for the Xiaomi MiBand

NoNotificationsText – FREE
Change the ‘No Notifications’ text in the Notification Center to whatever you want

PagedSwitcher – FREE
Adds paging to the App Switcher, no more free scrolling

PhoneCaller – $1.99
Displays the callers full Caller I.D. before answering

PowerPlus – FREE
Enhance your power down menu, holding the power down button will now bring up a small menu box at the top-left corner, allowing you to reboot, respring or boot your device into Safe Mode

RelevApps – FREE
Have different apps show up in the Control Center at different times of the day. If you normally use Facebook first thing in the morning, swipe up and see the app icon in the CC. Set which apps to show at which times in the Settings

SafariWallSetter – FREE
Replace ‘Copy’ with ‘Set as Wallpaper’ when you tap and hold an image in Safari

SilkScreen – $1.99
Snap a screenshot in Safari and immediately bring up some sharing options

SpotCleaner – FREE
Clean up the Spotify Now Playing view, remove/hide certain elements to get a nice minimalistic look

StopAutoDelete – FREE
Stops iOS from deleting whole words when holding the backspace button

SwitcherPaper – $0.99
Set a wallpaper specifically for the App Switcher background

TayRotator – FREE
Change the Slide to Unlock text to random Taylor Swift song lyrics everytime you lock/unlock your device, you can also have it change the wallpaper to a different image of Taylor Swift

TimeCode – FREE
Constantly changes your iDevice passcode to the current time. The perfect passcode…always changing.

Feedback – $0.99
Media controls feedback for iOS. Play sounds when you change track, play/pause, fast forwarding and rewinding

What do you think of the releases this week?

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