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Tweakend – 05/11/15

The Tweakend is here! Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. There are a load of cool tweak releases this week, here’s what you might’ve missed…

AutoAnswer8 (iOS 8) – $1.99
Automatically answer calls from certain numbers, loads of options to configure this tweak to your needs

BrighterLSMedia – FREE
Brighter Album/Track Name labels on the LockScreen

HUDTransparent8 – FREE
Make the HUD background transparent

LockEditor – $0.99
A cool LockScreen elements editor, remove wallpaper gradient, change slide to unlock text, edit ‘enter passcode’ screen and more

LockEmoji – FREE
Revert to the last keyboard input used after sending a message with an emoji at the end

LockPredict – FREE
Prevents the word-predictive bar from minimizing

NoBanner – $1.00
No push notifications during video playback

NoRingerHUD – FREE
Removes the ringer HUD

NoScrollWhenNewMessage – FREE
Disables the auto-scroll when you receive a new message

PlayingLabel – FREE
Adds the name of the playing app to the ControlCenter

Siou – FREE
A cool app icon organizer, organize all your icons in a few taps

TokeTime – FREE
Add an overlay of Snoop Dogg on your LockScreen wallpaper when its 4:20AM/PM

What do you think of the releases this week?

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