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Tweakend – 04/01/16

The Tweakend is here! I know it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these tweak round up posts, but here we go. Some really great tweaks have popped up this past week, App Admin, Eucnide, LowerLSSlider are just a few that are worth checking out. Here’s what you might’ve missed this week…

App Admin – FREE
Downgrade iOS apps to any previous version still hosted by Apple. No AppSync required

Avus – FREE
Removes annoying Twitter suggestions 
CircleBookMark – FREE
Change the corner radius of Safari bookmarks

ColorSafariProgress – FREE
Change the color of the Safari page loading progress bar
DockAlpha – FREE
Adjust the Dock transparency on iOS 9+
EmojiPred – FREE
Have emojis show in keyboard prediction
Eucnide – $1.99
A beautifully redesigned Control Center, have your Toggles and Music Controls in their own out of the way section. Eucnide even integrates an App Switcher in the Control Center

FirstEditBookmark – FREE
Be taken to the Edit bookmark page when you add a new bookmark

FlashColor – FREE
Change the screenshot flash color

FlashRing – FREE
Enable your phones flash with the ringer/mute switch

FlatSafariURL – FREE
Flatten Safari’s address bar
LowerLSSlider – FREE
Lower the volume slider on the Lockscreen when playing music

NanoChargingView – FREE
Replaces the Lockscreen charging view with one that’s similar to WatchOS

NoChargedMsg – FREE
Removes the percentage charged on the Lockscreen when plugged in
NoPhotoScrubber – FREE
Hides the photo scrubber in the Photos app on iOS 9+
NoWhiteFlash – FREE
Removes the white flash when taking a screenshot
QuickReply for Viber – FREE
A quick-reply and compose tweak for Viber
RedesignedNotifications – $1.50
Completely customize the look of your notifications, change the color of cells, labels, change transparency, round corners and icons, and much more
SweetDisplay – $1.99
Customize app lauching and closing animations. Preview here
What do you think of this weeks releases? Let us know in the comments below

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