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Tweakend – 02/01/16

It’s that time again jailbreakers, the Tweakend is here! Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. Here’s what you might’ve missed…

Anisette $1.00
Bring a hotbar of toggles and favorite/recent apps from the edge of your device

ByeBadges – FREE
Hide all app badges with just a tap

ByeUpdatedLabel – FREE
Removes the blue dot from the label of recently updated apps

ChargingDone – FREE
Be notified with a banner or popup alert when device is 100% charged

ClassicShutterAnimation – FREE
Brings the pre-iOS 7 shutter animation to iOS 9

Quick reply and compose for FB Messenger, Kik, GroupMe and LINE

DockArt – FREE
Replace the dock blur with an image of your choice

FastBoot – FREE
Alternative power-down UI menu

Gravitation – $1.99
Add gravity to your Homescreen, shake device and watch your icons fall. Preview

LockPocket – $1.00
Auto-lock device when put in pocket

ListLauncher9 – $2.99
Shows complete list of installed apps in the Spotlight

ManualVPN – FREE
Automatically connect to the first VPN in your list for certain apps

NearbyNews – $0.99
Full Siri Suggestions, Nearby and News in every Spotlight

NoJitterBug – FREE
Remove icon jitter when deleting apps

No Lines NC – FREE
Hide some of the seperators in the Notification Center

RoundedDock – FREE
Adds round corners to your Dock

Snakebite – $0.99
Force Touch on the left edge of your device and invoke a quick App Switcher, swipe up/down over your desired app to open. Preview

TimeAlarm –  $1.00
Manage your alarms from anywhere on your device

WAColor – FREE
Modify the UI colors of WhatsApp

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