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Tweakend – 01/11/15

It’s that time again jailbreakers, the Tweakend is here! Catch up on the latest tweaks that were released this week in another one of our weekly roundup posts. Here’s what you might’ve missed..

ArtistCarrier – FREE
Replace your carrier name with the now playing Artist Name

AttachmentFlow – $1.99
Adds the ability to view all your message attachments in one convenient place

BlacklistSwitcher9 – $0.99
Choose which apps to hide from your App Switcher

BlurryDock – FREE
Adds a dark blur effect to the Dock

Clex3 – $1.99
A new Music control interface

ColorStatusBar – FREE
Customize the color of your Statusbar

FlatChevron – FREE
Flattens the arrow chevron in the CC/NC

ForeverNotification – FREE
Keeps notifications on your Lockscreen until they’re dismissed

iKeys – FREE
Customize the official Apple keyboard to however you wish

iName – FREE
Change you carrier name to your device name

MagicDots – FREE
Customize your page dots, change color, shape, image and more

NoMoreMissed – $1.50
Get constant reminders so you acknowledge a missed call or message

PrettyRespring – $1.00
Shows whatever was on the screen while respringing, no more Apple logo

RouteFaker – $4.99
Simuates a travel route that you set

SmartPass – $1.00
Disable your passcode when connected to a known WiFi or Bluetooth network, while music is playing, and more

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