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OS X Tip: Temporarily turn off Notifications

When Apple introduced Notifications within OS X like they have in iOS, I was happy. Well at least I was excited to see the application of the Notifications in the real world. There we lots of thoughts, rumors and suggestions on how Apple would implement it so who really knew.
Notifications have been here a while now and honestly, it’s annoying! I am not a big fan of notifications over all, Moe on the other hand hates them! I have notifications in iOS setup for mail and twitter only, as to not be disturbed too frequently throughout my day.

In OS X it’s different for some reason. Possibly as I stare at the screen on my Macbook Air all day and not my iPhone, they seem to interrupt my work flow more often. Either way, I want them off and gone.

In comes some a sneaky settings pane that makes the Notification settings less annoying. At least for a day…

The Notifications pane has a small hidden feature. If you open the pane, and click to scroll up on the right hand side, a small hidden button appears.

Show Alerts and Banners has a hidden button to turn off Notifications in OS X for the rest of that day.


When you turn off Notifications per this pane, the icon on the main toolbar will turn light grey to show it’s “off” status.

Albeit a small trick, if you are at work and truly need to keep focused and your head down, this may be the saving grace from all of the distractions we have allowed into our daily work flows.

Will you use this hidden feature?

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