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Truly wireless earbuds – What are your options right now?

With all rumors pointing towards a 3.5mm headphone jack-less iPhone 7, new and already established companies are showing off earphones that have a lightning port output, and truly wireless earbuds. The truly wireless earphones market is interesting to me, because it means we no longer have to be anchored to our smartphones when listening to music, having complete freedom is awesome…

If you’ve been keeping up with recent rumors regarding the iPhone 7, you’ll probably know that Apple may be considering on ditching the industry standard 3.5mm headphone jack, found on all music players and smartphones, in favor of the lightning port. This means you won’t be able to plug in your normal wired earphones into the iPhone 7…until an overpriced adapter comes along.

Competition in this market seems to be pretty fierce right now, seeing as though there aren’t many truly wireless earbuds out right now, many are only available for pre-order at the moment and some haven’t even got to the pre-ordering stage.

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Ive been interested in some wireless earphones for quite some time now, but with the introduction of truly wireless earbuds, my interest has turned towards them. So, I’ve hunted down some upcoming, completely wireless earbuds, that’s no wires, complete freedom.

Bragi Dash (price – 300)

The Dash by Bragi seem to be the most popular right now. Ditching the traditional Bluetooth, the earbuds use something called Near Field Magnetic Induction to connect between each other. The company describes The Dash as a ‘smart device that fits in your ears’, and that’s how I’d describe it, The Dash not only plays your music, it also tracks your performance and gives you live feedback. It’ll track duration of your exercise, steps taken and sensors inside the earbuds even track your heart rate.  One of the stand out features of the Bragi Dash is that it has a 4GB internal storage and can store up to 1000 songs, so you don’t even need to have your smartphone with you to listen to music. The Dash is shipping in February, so it may be a while before you see some actual user reviews, initial impressions from The Verge here. You can buy The Dash here.

KANOA (price – $150)

The KANOA is another wireless earbud that can track your performance as well as play your music. Through the KANOA app you can track your heart rate, calories, distance and time. The app is the hub of everything, it can control the earbuds, has a custom audio tuner/equalizer, can control the audio transparency (so you’re aware of your surroundings) and it’s a universal music player. There aren’t many actual reviews of the KANOA, there’s one here though. c|net and the company its self boasts about great audio quality but until the first batch of KANOA ship in April, we won’t know for ourselves. Right now the earbuds are half price for people who pre-order them, so they’re $150, after the first batch of KANOA ship, they’ll gradually increase, eventually going up to $300. You can be one of the first people to get the KANOA here
Earin (price – TBA)
The Earin is simply a wireless earbud, no bells and whistles on this, just the buds and your music. The company boasts about great audio quality, saying the Earin has “incredibly detailed sound, excellent mid and high-tones with a tight bass response all delivered with minimal distortion”. The Earin comes with a pretty neat charging capsule that also holds your earbuds when they’re not being used. If you don’t need any health/performance tracking earbuds, an app to change equalizer or anything, the Earin seems to be pretty great. You can find retailers selling the Earin here.
Here Active Listening (price – TBA)
I recently stumbled upon the Here Active Listening, though don’t fully understand them. It looks as though the company is pushing them as ‘live listening’ earbuds, there look to be some air holes on the outside of the earbuds, so maybe they’re more like the Bragi Dash and KANOA, in terms of the audio transparency? So they’re earbuds that are made to be used outside regularly, so you can hear your music and the environment you’re in. The website doesn’t give much info on this. Anyway, like the Earin, there’s a waiting list of sorts to get your hands on these, join the waitlist here.
Overall, there isn’t a great deal of choice right now but the first of this growing market looks promising. 
I couldn’t wait any longer so I’ve already took the plunge and pre-ordered myself a pair of KANOA wireless earbuds, I’ll have a review up of them as soon as I get them (around July).

What do you think of truly wireless earbuds?

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