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When I relaunched and renamed this site iPad guild (and added the youtube channel), I wanted to focus on using the iPad to do tasks it “couldn’t do” via challenges like making and selling a T-shirt using on the iPad. Or making a WordPress theme. I also wanted to create great resources for other iPad users. However, I can’t do it all alone and there are many other really great people doing similar things. Here are some sites, podcasts and resources you should check out.


This is the big one. Federico was a big driving force for me going iPad only. He showed the amazing power of apps like editorial with their crazy workflows that speed up writing.

Macstories has great reviews of powerful and delightful apps, as well as deep dives into how to really leverage features on the iPad. This includes his weekly iPad diary section where he reveals a workflow and the club Macstories newsletter where you can request workflows and solutions to automation issues.

Check it out

Brooks review

The Brooks review is by Ben brooks and he has also been a long time iPad advocate. Initially due to its writing advantages but later for its general advantages as a platform. Many of his great articles are hidden behind a membership which had a weekly iPad productivity section last year. This looks less at workflows for the workflow app, but great apps and how to set up a system that works well.

Head on over



Cortex is a podcast about myke Hurley and cgp greys workflows and productivity habits. Early on in its history, the iPad Pro cane out and this led to myke joining grey in using an iPad as a primary device. This show has talk of apps, but as an extension of discussing productivity, habits and organising others. You may well think that they have some strange habits, but they can explain and defend their ideas which may cause you to consider aspects of their approaches.

Hey, Listen

The untitled site


The untitled site is from Christopher Lawley the actual site doesn’t receive the most updates and really focuses on his youtube channel where the real magic is. Christopher puts out great videos looking at different aspects of the iPad. These include hardware, deep dives into apps and his own workflows. It’s well worth checking out and provides a different format than the other items on this list.

Watch some videos here



Canvas is a show all about iPad productivity from relay fm with Federico viticci and Fraser Spiers. Fraser is behind the first 1-2-1 iPad deployment in schools. They deep dive into particular topics such as writing apps and how you can use them or what ssh is and apps you can use for it.

Listen to an episode

Matt Gemmell

Matt Gemmell is an author from the UK who happens to use an iPad as his primary computer due to its great writing interface and fewer distractions. His blog covers a lot of different topics including using the iPad as a primary computer. He isn’t the most regular blogger though.

Read more

Tablet Habit

I came across tablet habit thanks to David Sparks homescreen series. Honestly, I can tell you too much about it yet as I really haven’t checked it out that much (hence why it is last on my list) but it is worth keeping an eye on at least.

Have a look here

Have I missed any?

If I’ve missed a site out that you feel should be included, leave a comment below, hit me up on twitter and let me know. (Or use the contact form on the about page).

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