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Top 5 Must Have OS X App

When you purchase a new Mac, OS X comes with so many built in pieces of software, that it makes it hard not to be content. No bloatware at all, just software that works. Unless you want to use a browser other than Safari, you could be set for a while depending on your wokflows.
For many, you don’t need much more. But for some there are a select few apps out there that truly make the Mac better. My Macbook Air goes to work with me so my use differs dependant upon the time of day but the below 5 apps are used in all workflows.

The Top 5 Must Have OS X Apps really is a list of tools that are a must install as soon as you pop the white box open.

A list that is good for everyone, a list that will only help you do more and do it well.

Without any further rambling, let’s get to the list of amazing softwares that you should use daily. The Top 5 Must Have OS X Apps (in no paticular order)

Byword – The Writing Tool of Choice

I am writing this article in Byword. A simplistic, minimalistic writing tool. Utilizing the markdown language this is a must have app. Full screen presents you with a beautiful picture of nothing! Nothing but you and your words. No dock, no annoyances, nothing but you and the letters that make up your content.

Byword is designed to make writing more enjoyable with Markdown

By letting you focus on writing, Byword excels at creating a simple environment for you to work. I put on itunes in the background, put Byword into full screen and write. Nothing more.

This little app is a must have app if you do any sort of writing. Now with the ability to publish to multiple blogging platforms, the added update puts Byword on top of the list of simple and minimalistic text editors.

PopClip – Copy and Paste with a flavorful twist

PopClip is a copy and paste tool at heart, but where it excels is with it’s extensions.

Arguably the best part of PopClip is it’s ability to extend itself with numerous services. PopClip extensions!

The ability to highlight any words within any OS X app and do with it what you want allows for endless possibilities. Amazon searching, creation of Evernote notes, definitions, spellchecker, tweets with Tweetbot and much much more.

For a small price, this little tool is a must install as soon as you unwrap the gorgeous Mac you just bought.

Glui – Screenshots on Steriods

No matter the workflow, most of you take screen shots. And with Glui you can do that and much more. This little tool brings Dropbox linking to it’s core and allows you to save and then link with the press of a button.

Uploading to Dropbox, adding text, highlighting, arrows, pens, pixelation and more.

This gem of an app sits on your menubar ready to come to your service with a simple keyboard call and allows you to professionally create screen shots for any job.

I use this daily for work and for Macdaily. This is a nice little tool to have, a must install for anyone.

Alfred – Find anything Fast

The beauty of Alfred has always been the ease of use. Call Alfred with a quick shortcut (I chose Command + Space bar) and type away. You can tell it to do almost anything or almost nothing at all. It’s your choice. Also, the settings are very deep with this release and you can hack away as much as you want with it.

This tool sits in the wings waiting for you to call it up and search and launch what you were looking for. At one time I didn’t think I would use this, now it becomes part of work flows more and more throughout my day.

From launching apps, to finding documents and more Alfred really brings me what I need, and fast.

What more could you want in a little butler app? Alfred is a must install for any type of user.

Minbox – Huge Files Sent in No Time

Minbox has become a secret weapon for me. I don’t use it as much as I would like but this little utility is a great way to send files to clients, friends or even to yourself. Quickly!

Any file size. Any file type. As many as you want… Srsly.

It’s what Minbox claims and it delivers. Sending files with Minbox cannot be easier. Drag – Drop – Email – Send.

If you send any files to anyone in numbers via your days, this is a must have for you.

As with all Top 5 OS X lists, this list is bent around work flows and apps that we at Macdaily use. We do offer up an honest opinion on all apps we review and use, and this list is an example of that.

This list is nothing more than a hope that you would at least check these apps out, try them, use them, give them a chance. They may change the way your use your Mac, for the better.

Grab these apps below from the Mac App Store.






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