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Tips on saving battery life

So, you’ve recently updated to iOS 8, or gotten a new iPhone/iPad and you feel that your battery should be better than what it is right now. Well, don’t worry any further, iOSDaily has you covered, we go through the power hungry features of iOS, that you may not necessarily need, so that you can decide if you should turn them off (or not). Let’s go…

Go to Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper and toggle ‘Auto-Brightness’ to ‘OFF’. This saves a lot of battery as the front sensor is not constantly checking for light changes.

Also keeping the brightness low helps conserve battery. I always have the brightness slider at half or less than half whenever im at home.

While you’re doing this you might aswell change your wallpaper to a ‘static’ one instead of a dynamic one, which constantly uses the accelerometer to create that 3D-ish effect you see on your Lockscreen & Homescreen.

If you’ve just freshly installed iOS 8 (not from a backup), then Bluetooth will mostly likely be ON in Settings, you can turn it OFF if you don’t use it. I dont know many people that use Bluetooth very often (or at all), plus its much easier to activate it from the Control Center. While you’re at it, turn Airdrop OFF from the Control Center whenever you’re not using it.

If you don’t like getting bugged by Notifications telling you that Tony has just liked your Facebook status or he is stalking your Twitter and retweeting everything you post, you can turn Notifications off. Go in to Settings > Notification Center and turn off all notifications for the apps/games you don’t want to be bugged by.

Location Services
This is a pretty major battery drainer, if you rarely need to share your location, you’re better off turning Location Services OFF by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services

While you’re in the Location Services settings, you can turn OFF everything except Call Network Search. Also under System Services

Try to keep your mail accounts to a minimum, if you have any emails you don’t use remove them from Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Select the account you want to remove and tap Delete Account at the bottom.

The email accounts you do have, try to ‘Fetch New Data’ less often or manually, by going into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars then ‘Fetch New Data’. You can ‘Fetch New Data’ every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour or manually, obviously if you’re fetching new data every 15 minutes, your battery will drain faster. I personally have set it to Manually, so whenever I go into the Mail app, I swipe down to refresh all emails at once to get my email pushed to my device.

Background App Refresh
Since iOS 7, Apple has introduced a Background App Refresh feature, this feature looks at which apps you use the most and what time you open them. Background App Refresh then refreshes these apps in the background, so when you open the apps next time, all the latest information is there waiting for you.

If you listen to music often, you might have a few Music options turned ON by default, check it out in Settings > Music, you can disable Sound Check and turn EQ to OFF if you haven’t already. iOS’s equalizes music ‘on-the-fly’, as your music plays, so it can be a bit of a battery drainer.

Automatic Downloads
Another feature of iOS 7 is the automatic downloading of app updates (as soon as they’re released) and apps purchased/installed on another iDevice. While this is convenient, it is also a battery drainer. You can turn this OFF in Settings > iTunes and App Store, under Automatic Downloads, toggle OFF any that you don’t need (App Updates,Apps or Music).

Delete/Disable Battery Killers
iOS 8 has a nice new feature for those that are always concerned about their battery life, going into Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage will show you which apps have been draining your battery in the past 7 days or 24 hours. If you see an app showing up there quite often, you’ll know it is costing you your battery life. It is then up to you to decide what to do, either remove the app or disable the battery draining feature.

Bear in mind that these are just tips, if you can’t live without some of these, skip them. You don’t have to remove all of the good iOS features to extend your battery life.

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