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Apple has not released a product in over 8 months. Some people are yelling “Doom” from the rooftops and competitors are boasting of their new product releases from quarter to quarter. During their latest quarter, Apple was rumored to report terrible numbers. What they actually reported was that they sold 31.2 million iPhones, 14.6 million iPads and 3.8 million Macs. Not bad for a company that hasn’t released a new product in almost 3 quarters huh?

But the question that must be asked is… what is Apple doing?

Apple is a big company and there’s a lot of talent and innovation there. So why such silence? I like to think that this is the calm before the storm. The Giant is not sleeping, but working, and working hard.

We all know that there was a huge change in the way iOS looks and works. We’ve seen the betas and the future of iOS. But I don’t think that the whole company is working just on iOS. There’s something cooking in a lab behind steel doors policed by dragons that is taking up a lot of attention. Tim Cook has repeatedly hinted that they’re working on some great products (plural) that shows signs of a new market.

I don’t know if it’s a watch, a revolutionary new approach to an Apple TV (though this is not a new market), or some other technology. What I do believe is that they have a deadline to meet and they’re using a lot of resources in both, software and hardware that demands a “stillness” of new product launches.

If there’s any new market that will be introduced, look to iOS for a hint. This OS has become the backbone of Apples existence. Whatever is coming, whenever the Giant is let loose, we will see what demanded so much of their time, and I would be surprised if iOS7 is not the platform of this new technology. The iPhone will continue to exist, we may see colors, but the future is being created in a lab while people continue to yell, “Apple is Doomed”.

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