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The Macs Apple Was Selling in 1996

The Macs Apple Was Selling in 1996

In recent times I have often seen mentioned a specific moment in Apple’s history — when Steve Jobs came back in 1997 and started streamlining the Macintosh product line as part of the plan to save the company from bankruptcy. This bit tends to surface every time Apple introduces new hardware; there’s always someone pointing out how today’s Apple is slowly reverting to the chaotic product line the company had around 1996, before being simplified by Steve Jobs.

But just how chaotic was the Macintosh offering in 1996?


My computer lab at school was Mac only when I joined in 1997 and it was filled with all sort of different macs from this list. I remember quickly learning that the power Macintosh 7200 was the one to grab… As did all the other students.

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