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This is a fun and opinionated post. You may disagree and you are welcome to do so in the comments section (Or on your own blog or YouTube channel) but remember, it’s fun let’s not insult each other.

What’s this all about?

I saw a YouTube video with the ultimate apple setup for $1000 and thought, “that’s interesting. I wonder about other budgets” So I thought I’d write it. To make it fair, I’m only using prices from the Apple website. It’s the easiest way even though I’m sure some other options could be found using second hand sites.

Sidenote: I haven’t watched the video yet.


  • You cannot use any other items, if you have a Mac Pro lying around your home, I don’t care.
  • the prices are based off Apple’s website.

The Ultimate Apple Setup for $500

Total = $498

Logic: Basically, everyone needs a phone and that limits things a lot. An alternative could be more storage for the iPhone instead of the beats, but wireless is a big advantage with phones without a headphone jack. I guess you could get a wireless charging pad instead of the headphones.

The Best Apple Setup for $1000

Total = $1036

Okay, it’s $36 over, and you could get the logitech case without the touch pad for $99 and be under…but if you’re not going to have a computer, a tablet with a track pad is a big plus.

The “Who needs a computer or tablet” version

Total = $ 997

Just under $1000 with a watch and wireless headphones.

The Best Apple Setup for $2500

I’d choose the iPad Pro but many would prefer a mac. Going the mac route is tough though as there is little extra in the budget to upgrade but the base specs aren’t that great. Personally, I’d want one higher on processor, ram, and hard drive but that’s over budget.

The Best Apple Setup for $5000

Total = $5024

I considered the 13″ MacBook pro but that keyboard just isn’t worth it. Instead I went for the 16″ with upgraded ram. This is probably the most controversial decision and I can totally understand people choosing a MacBook air to open up some extra cash for a larger iPhone and Apple watch. Or an iMac for a desktop setup with the iPad on the go.

The Best Apple Set up for all the moniez

Just buy everything man. Everything. In fact, get two of everything.

What do you think?

As I say, this is just for fun so leave a comment with your idea or blog your own.

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