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When I set up this site I wanted it to look at just how much you could do with an iPad (only) and where it fell down. At the time I used an iPad most of the time but certainly not exclusively. Since then I’ve found myself using my iPad more and more and eventually upgraded to an iPad (and iOS 11) which both certainly helped. However, there are still occasions when I return to using my MacBook Pro and I thought I’d share them briefly.

1. Burning a CD

On Friday I had to provide a CD and DVD with some files on them. This is the first time I’ve had to do such a task in a long, long time. In fact, my MacBook Pro doesn’t even have a built-in optical drive so It caused even more hassle. Eventually, I completed my task but it did require my MacBook.

2. Accessing certain websites

There is a website I have to access for work and it hates almost every device. I can’t even trick it into opening correctly with my iPad and iCab Mobile. There can even be issues when you try and access it on a Mac sometimes. As egregious as this particularly offensive website is, there are other websites that will offer limited or unusable versions of their site if you try to access them with an iPad. Hence this article.

3. Some Automation (with Hazel)

I have a few automation tasks running in Hazel on my MacBook. These include a folder in iCloud Drive which imports files into my DevonThink database, organising certain files, automatically creating a new file from a template every month for expenses and similar thing. I probably could do this without hazel but I have these items set up already so why change.

4. Exporting photos

Photos on iOS. Oh dear.

Don’t get me wrong, iOS has some great advantages over something like macOS when it comes to photos, particularly for your own personal photo collection. However, if you want to get a print from a RAW photo you took and applied edits to, you get into difficult areas. Affinity photo seems to be offering a possible solution to help address these issues but there are a whole host of little announces I face.

For example, the SD card reader takes forever to load photos and does so from the chronological from the first taken. So if you have a lot of photos on your card, you have to wait for a stupidly long time for the photos to load a preview so you can download them. You also can’t apply tags in the iOS photos app to make it easier to search through and find photos afterwards. Then if you want to export a low-resolution copy, you’ll need a workflow to save it to the right place and so on.

On the Mac, open Lightroom, import from your SD card and then use an export setting which you’ve pre-saved, simple. (Even though Lightroom is not perfect at all).

5. Some WordPress stuff

Although you can do WordPress development on an iPad (by setting up a demo site online), you can’t access all of the great macOS tools and it’s just easier on the Mac at times. Sure, you can remote log in, but that’s basically using a mac anyway.

6. Some mailchimp stuff

So I’m not sure where the whole “mailchimp is impossible to use on the iPad” type stuff comes from (I’m looking at you John and Federico on AppStories) but I actually find assembling the newsletter is easier on the iPad than on the Mac. That being said, there are moments where this falls apart and some trickier things where a Mac is a more pleasant experience.

What about you?

I’d love to know the type of tasks that bring you back to the mac or make you believe that you couldn’t go full time iPad only. [Personally, I believe that many of the “iPad only” advocates aren’t really iPad only and are more iPad mainly (and not always that). This really applied to me as well.

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