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In my Tshirt challenge that I took a while back, I found that the teespring tshirt creator tool was incompatible with the iPad. I’m guessing it was due to using flash. Well, now the teespring tshirt creator tool can be accessed on your iPad. If you head over to teespring, and click on create/sell. Now the tshirt creator tool will load and allow you to add an image and text. You can also select different options such as the colour of the tshirt and whether it is a men’, women’s tshirt or even a hoody.

However, it’s not all perfect as the control interface doesn’t allow you to drag and drop elements. That’s pretty inconvenient unless you want a single element on your shirt. If you want an image and text, well, I hope you want them to overlap.

There is of course a way around this which is to create your design in an app. Put your text and images all in the correct places. Export as a PNG or JPEG and then upload your design as one image. This has the advantage of not being limited to the icons and fonts that teespring offers as well as. You also have more options to move and manipulate elements than you would have with just the teespring tools.

A new teespring tshirt experiment

I recently did this for a teespring campaign of Ukulele themed christmas shirts. I created the design in Graphic by Autodesk (previously iDraw) using an SVG file I found and then adapted. Then I uploaded that image. That meant the text and images were arranged as I wanted and the design could be more refined than just using the noun project icons and fonts that teespring provides.

I’m sure it’s the best design I’ve made so far (and all from the iPad) but it still hasn’t sold well. Oh well.

Better, but not great

While this is not a perfect replication of the desktop functionality in teespring, it does mean that you can now make a teespring campaign with only your iPad. Whether you want to use Teespring and have a limited run campaign or use a different tool like printful or Zazzel as I did. Well that’s up to you.



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