WWDC 2018 for teachers

WWDC 2018 image I’m not going to bother with a load of words repeating the same break down of Apple’s announcements. Instead here are the few things from WWDC 2018 I think will make a difference for me as a teacher. Time tracking Most people know that teachers don’t work a 9 to 5 job. Sometimes we work…

Workflow is continuing to get updated

Workflow 1.7.8 Adds ‘Mask Image’ Action, Things Automation Support, PDF Text Extraction, and More – MacStories

In the first update since November 2017, Apple today released version 1.7.8 of Workflow, the powerful iOS automation app they acquired last year.

Last year I shared an article which certainly looked like workflow was not getting any new features. That rumour was wrong and I’m very glad. This has to be a good sign for iPad Pro users and certainly makes me wonder what the long term future holds for workflow.