iPad and Commuting

Wieliczka Park train station at sunrise I take the train into work everyday and have done so for the last year and a half. Community on the train with the iPad has become a core part of my daily experience (to and from work) and I believe this is another example of where the iPad trumps other options. Alternatives to the…

Where for Art Thou Esim? [Podcast]


This episode of the iPad guild podcast looks at eSims. With iOS 12.1.1, eSims are now available, but how available are they, what are they even for and why couldn’t I get one for my upcoming travel.


  • Intro
  • Why I was interested in getting an ESim
  • The trouble with eSims in the UK
  • What actually are eSims and why would you want one
  • Final thoughts
  • Outro


Are you interested in eSims or using one?