Where for Art Thou Esim? [Podcast]


This episode of the iPad guild podcast looks at eSims. With iOS 12.1.1, eSims are now available, but how available are they, what are they even for and why couldn’t I get one for my upcoming travel.


  • Intro
  • Why I was interested in getting an ESim
  • The trouble with eSims in the UK
  • What actually are eSims and why would you want one
  • Final thoughts
  • Outro


Are you interested in eSims or using one?

The iPhone Needs a Camera Button

The iPhone Needs A Camera Button – Greg Morris

Apple place a ridiculous amount of priority on the iPhone camera. Constantly improving the quality of the shots, and plowing money into #shotoniphone advertising. Yet they don’t seem to care about getting to the camera as quickly as possible. Teaching people how to shoot the best pictures is one thing, but the easy capture of important moments is much more important to the every day user.

I love this idea from Greg. I once attended an iPhone Street Photography workshop and I commented to the host that I found the iPhone camera to be more accessible and less accessible than my stand alone camera.
I can quickly pull my phone out of my pocket and be ready to shoot in a matter of seconds. But you can’t walk around all day with the screen on or you’ll have no battery.
Instead if I have my standalone camera out, I can flick a switch and pull the trigger in a second or two. (If it’s in my bag then it takes much longer).

His solution was external batteries, lots and lots of external batteries.

A dedicated camera button would not only help gain access to the camera quicker, but make it a better shooting experience too. You could follow camera focusing systems and have a half press lock the exposure and focus.

But let’s be honest, Apple wants a metal slab with no buttons and no ports so I don’t see it as being likely.