Chrome OS Tablets Aren’t There Yet

This was an interesting video from the verge looking at the latest Chrome OS tablet, in fact it’s the first Chrome OS tablet rather than laptop or convertible laptop. The TL;DR is There are some bugs, and it’s not really great for a tablet. Basically, they asked the “is it a good tablet?” Question and came out with “no, not yet”.

This device was of great interest to me when I was a teacher as it could have potentially overcome the few issues I had with the iPad. In the end it looks like it solves some, but adds new ones (typical).

There are a few things that I still want to know that I didn’t see in the video, the biggest of which is…

How does multitasking work when you have loads of tabs? (android treats browser tabs as apps)

One of the final comments is that this cross over between tablet and laptop is tricky because a “laptop” necessitates fiddling with settings using a mouse and (physical) keyboard. I’m not certain that second point is true but lets assume it is. That would require the iPad to have a mouse and physical keyboard (half way there).

Now, I suspect the reason the iPad is such a superior tablet is because it forced developers to not rely on a mouse or hardware keyboard (which Chrome OS doesn’t do and is perhaps why it is lagging behind there) so how can Apple balance these two elements? Not encouraging lazy development of requiring a traditional interface devices but also encouraging advanced and powerful tools?