Get Your Game On: Tiny Thief

Over the App Store’s five year existence, its best games have evolved into categories such as role-playing, first-person shooter, action, physics-based and social. But back in the PC era one popular genre was point and click. When you think of the best all-time iOS games, you can’t help but put Angry Birds on your list.  Rovio’s publishing label’s Rovio’s Stars has just released its second game with a mesh of both classes of genres with its release of its latest, Tiny Thief. It’s a fun and smart puzzle game – but is it enough to attract Rovio’s biggest fans? Read on to find out.

What I Like

Tiny Thief first appears as a clone of Angry Birds, with a similar layout and screenplay. Delve into the first level and you quickly realize this game is much different. For starters this is a point and click adventure, you navigate each screen using touch controls. The object of the game is to get to the end of each screen by sneaking past a guard. To do so you must interact with various objects to distract the guard. This type of gameplay reminds me of the Sam and Max and Monkey Island games I enjoyed on DOS.

Unlike Rovio’s 800 pound elephant in the room, Tiny Thief is filled with mind-bending puzzles. I found myself stuck on a number of levels, often laughing at myself that I occasionally needed to click the little book icon in the upper right corner to see the hints. The game won’t frustrate you too much, as with games like Angry Birds, you can repeatedly start at a point you left off if you were spotted by a guard.

Gameplay is intuitive and simple. With each location you navigate your thief, an action hint is displayed guiding you how and what to do next. Animations are smooth and fast, game audio is pleasant and fun, and the puzzles never feel like they repeat.

What I Don’t Like

Despite its surprising arduous puzzles, Tiny Thief’s pace can be slow at times. I found myself playing levels for long periods of time, sometimes around 25 minutes apiece. And although the puzzles are great and differ with each level, the premise stays the same (one could argue that this is the case with all Rovio based games).

To Buy/Not to Buy

Tiny Thief is available in the App Store for $2.99, which may turn off some casual-level gamers who I believe to be the target audience for this game. But with a whopping 76 levels of mind bending fun, Tiny Thief is a BUY!

OLO: Multiplayer Online Strategy Game

At first glance OLO appears very simple. You are tasked with choosing from 2 player, 4 player or an online game at the start. The interface is very simple, elegant and fast. You would almost be inclined to think this game was designed for iOS 7.

Gameplay is a mashup of bocce and air hockey, the goal is to outscore your opponent by keeping as many colored Olos in your respective colored area. Alternatively, you can knock your opponent’s Olos out of their scoring area to deduct his or her points from the scoreboard. Each player is given a mix of six small and large Olos at the start. A player can be given more Olos if any land near the player’s launch area.

What I Like

What I liked most about OLO is the gameplay, this is what makes the game so addictive and well worth the purchase. With each game you play you discover more ways to score or deduct your opponent’s score.

Online play is available via Game Center, you can choose to connect to a friend or have the game automatically pair you up with a random player. Once the game is finished, you have the choice of replaying the same opponent, or sharing your score on Facebook or Twitter.

What I Don’t Like

The only downsides to the game are the delays in gameplay and the occasional player disconnect, although what’s nice is you collect points via Game Center so even losing players have an incentive not to disconnect. I would have also liked to see a one player mode.


OLO is available in the App Store for only $1.99. It’s a fun, addictive and elegant game. You certainly wouldn’t want a game like this to be ad-supported, it would ruin the interface and experience. OLO is definitely a BUY!