Making a Kids Book with an iPad 🔗

I Wrote A Book … Sort Of – THE DENT

My daughter started school back in September and, since doing so, her love of reading has grown exponentially. Now that she has started learning to read to herself, there’s no stopping her. Her school has started sending some simple books home for her, and her classmates, to learn with. The problem is, these books are a little too basic for her, because currently they only have one word per page, and she was keen to try more.

I love this post from Andy, it’s exactly the kind of stuff that makes the iPad so great. With pages built in (and some cheap apps) you can make a custom kids book. Frankly, I find stuff like this much more interesting than “can the iPad do real work” debates because it’s meeting a personal need.

One of the things I’m left wondering is if Andy could have done it using built in apps to the iPad? Pages has some simple drawing tools built in but there are some drawing and image editing aspects which aren’t present. I also wonder about getting a printed copy made for parents who are cautious over screen time.

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