iOS 7: I Already Paid For Your App! Don’t Charge Me Again!

Let’s start with the disclaimer that I am cheap. You may not be but I am and I am okay with that. Some of our writers are not, and that is completely fine. But I think we are all on the same page surrounding this news from the iOS 7 front. For the last few days, the Twittersphere has been abuzz with certain apps possibly going the way of a paid upgrade once you update to iOS 7.

They are wanting to cash in on the 93% stat that was dropped at WWDC aren’t they? Yes they are. That 93% stands for the amount of users running the latest and greatest version of iOS.

Analytics3D: Analytics In A Whole New View

As I have wrote before, there is a serious lack of both native and 3rd party apps when it comes to tracking your site visitors via Google Analytics. I have gone over 3rd Party Apps for Google Analytics already, but today I wanted to introduce to you Analytics3D, the new kid on the block.

Analytics3D is an app for the iPhone and iPad that combines 3D and multi-touch gestures to provide a new and interesting way to view and interact with data from the popular Google Analytics service.

Analytics3D brings to life your boring site statitics in a whole new way. Beautifully constructed graphs, textures and more all while using pushing and pulling of touch to see your data in a whole new way.