Miracle morning iPad Apps

Have you heard that the way you spend your morning can have a HUGE impact on the rest of your day? It’s true and in his book “The Miracle Morning: 6 habits to transform your life before 8am” Hal Elrod explored the habits of the most successful people, looking for similarities between them. He detailed […]

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What makes a tool (or app) sticky? And why you should care

Every now and again a tool or new app comes a long which everybody raves about. “You have to try it! This is the best [insert catagory] app every!” Sometimes these tools live up to the hype and become a mainstay on your dock or homescreen, but other times they just don't stick. You may […]

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Any.Do Review: Productivity, Personality and Brains

I am a huge Things user when it comes to productivity. In fact, I’ve been using them for three years and have been very satisfied. I have flirted in the past with Omnifocus, Orchestra and some other productivity apps. None have replaced Things as my second brain. Not even close. 

After reviewing Any.Do Cal a few days ago, I decided to give Any.Do Tasks a try. At first, I was extremely disappointed. I thought it was too simple and not very powerful. I was very close to removing from my device and I decided to give it a fair try. The results have completely blown me away. 

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