Apple’s Education Efforts Miss the Mark

Making The Grade: Why Apple’s education strategy is not based on reality | 9to5Mac

Apple’s problems in education actually have less to do with the iPad being $299 or $259. They have a lot more to do with the story that they are framing in education being considered a pipe dream for a lot of the education market.

Education didn’t need a faster iPad. Education didn’t need Apple Pencil support. Those are great features for a consumer-friendly iPad, but education needed a clearer signal from Apple that they understand how school districts actually operate around the country and around the globe

Bradley hits the nail on the head here. As a teacher myself (in a very different situation from US teachers in public/state schools) I face some different challenges and yet still have the same reaction here. It feels like the kind of things when someone from outside an industry tries to “disrupt” it, and solves a non-existent problem. Sure the smart annotations features are nice, but I’d happily exchange them for the solutions Bradley hints at.