OS X Apps: Is the Inky E-mail Client the Answer for a Unified Inbox?

Inky, by Arcode Corp. of Bethesda, Md – a desktop E-mail client alternative to Apple’s Mail.app – has been available now for early adopters for over a year.   Inky comes in both Mac and Windows incarnations, and Arcode says they are committed to developing and releasing mobile versions for iOS and Android.

The astute reader might ask: “What’s wrong with the Apple Mail client?”.  Actually, we’ve  used it pretty heavily at our house over the years and have few complaints.  But, judging by posts to online forums, some folks seem to have run into lots of difficulties under OS X with trying to sync Mail together with inboxes for other E-mail accounts such as AT&T and Yahoo.  I first ran into this kind of issue when I wanted to combine my Outlook.com inbox along with Mail.  See my earlier blog post here for more background on the Outlook.com problem and a workaround.  

Since then, I’ve come across Arcode Corp. with Inky, an OS X desktop client which they say will simplify the difficulties of setting up and managing a unified inbox.  Does it live up to it’s claims and would it be a good tool for your use?  Let’s see …