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Tab for Google+ Aids in your Google+ Dominance

I have always been a proponent of Social Media. I have always been a hater of Facebook, but that is besides the point!
When Google+ came out, I was rather unimpressed. I really didn’t know what to expect from Google again with the crap that was Wave being not to far from memory. So I just passed. I didn’t like the notifications in my Gmail account, I didn’t like emails from folks I didn’t know about topics I may or may have cared about. It was too much.

Well that was a while ago and now I have a new love in my life, Macdaily!, and I want to make sure that as many of you folks find us as possible. Outside of a Facebook page! So I recently setup a Google+ Community for Macdaily. The idea behind Macdaily is really summed up by what a Google+ Community does. It’s a place to share ideas, concepts, reviews, troubles all the while trying to help each other through them.

Fast forward a few weeks and even though the iPhone app for Google+ is well done and I actually enjoying using it, both as myself and as a moderator for Macdaily’s community, it wasn’t enough.

In comes Fiplab’s Tab for Google+, (they do have a free version) a very simple and solid product offering for your Mac.

Google+ comes in a nice little tab up on your menu bar. A small, clickable icon that brings down a small, well design Google+ window. It’s a Google+ app without having to be in Chrome!


The tool is simple to use (same as a browser) but well worth the savings in the memory area overall.

This is now part of my daily workflow and used multiple times a day. One click and I have what I need.

I would recommend this tool to anyone who uses Google+ for themselves or for a site such as Macdaily.

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