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The Apple health app is a great tool for syncing your health data between different services and makes using separate companies devices useful on iOS. However, some apps don’t link in to the Apple health app for anything or all of the data they produce. One of these is the Fitbit app which will use the iPhone to monitor movements but will not tie into the apple health app. This can cause issues if you want to share data from other health apps. Admittedly, Fitbit supports many third party apps (some of which will tie into the health app themselves), but one of the sources of data which Fitbit doesn’t share naturally is weight.

This is presumably to encourage you to buy one of their own smart scales rather than buying one from a third party. Having previously bought into the Withings (now Nokia) system with an activite and a smart body scale, I wanted to sync my weight data with Fitbit (which ties into some activity tracking I do, especially with the Fitbit coach app previously fitstar). Luckily, there is a fiddle way to do that.

Syncing weight data with IFTTT

Fitbit may not support Apple health, but it does support IFTTT. This is useful as if your other health service (like Nokia health mate, the app that log the Nokia/withings scale) supports IFTTT to, you can sync your weight data that way. Here’s how.

Get your health apps installed and set up

I’m going to assume you’ve done this step already.

Install IFTTT

Go to the App Store and download IFTTT if you haven’t already

Set up a new applet

Click on my applets in the bottom right hand corner and then the big plus in the top left hand corner.

Use Withings as your trigger

In your new Applet, click on IF and type in withings (it’s still called withings not nokia for some reason in the app, Nokia has two other services) and select new body measurement.

Use Fitbit as your action

Now click on Fitbit as your action and you should have one option, create new measurement.

Warning: Be careful over units

This was a mistake that I made I set up my trigger at first. I accidentally set pounds as my unit to send and kilograms as the unit to record. As such my weight was logged as practically double what it actually was.

Sit back and relax

It’s a real shame that Fitbit didnt open up more of their data sources to make it easier to sync health data between services but at least there is a an easy to set up workaround.

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