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A while back there was a big discussion about ratings and bad practices like badgering people for ratings, using guilt trips to encourage 5 star ratings and general distaste for the reviewing system. Some people got very passionate about the topic with very strong views but one of the most interesting posts on the topic came from iMore. They suggested you rated your five favorite apps now. 

You might be wondering what on earth this has to do with App store ratings but bear with me for a second here.

I don’t know about you but the thing that annoys me most about apps that ask for reviews is they interrupt my use of the app and call me to go and do something else right away. If they got me at a moment where I don’t need to do something there and then, then I want to give them a review.

App Reviews Are Worth Their Weight in Gold…

At the same time App developers really need reviews and ratings. Reviews not only add social proof to help convince people to part with money (especially large sums of money) but also boost the ranking of these apps within the App store and help beat off competition. Basically, App reviews are really valuable (especially as so few people can be bothered to do them).

That is why developers have made apps pester you for reviews, that is why some have resorted to playing on emotional triggers to encourage you to give reviews. However, If good apps get reviews anyway then they won’t need to resort to these tactics (or at least will have less of a reason too) and so they can continue to do well. (Some of your favorite apps might not do these tactics and might be kept from people because they don’t try and manipulate people).

As such I’m starting a weekly challenge to me and to you. A challenge that is easy to do and will help great developers.

Rate an app weekly

All you have to do is set a reminder via your favourite reminders system for a spot where you’ll be free each week. I’ve set mine for Saturday morning as I know I’ll be free then. Then you pick an application and give it a review.

Simple right!

The reason to do this is that you will help boost the position of your favourite apps which will mean they will get more sales and do better. This will help great apps beat out the nock offs and others that game the system in more devious ways. It’s also helps prevent these bad practices from developers of badgering for reviews.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just apps. You can do it for books, music, films podcasts etc. basically anything you’ve got linked into Apple accounts and help promote groups you like.

So set a reminder now for whenever suits you (I suggest a time you are usually free) and give back to some of the great developers out there and boost their standings in the app store and help prevent the rise of bad application development at the same time.

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