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It’s not like there aren’t plenty of Star Wars themed games on iOS but there aren’t many like Star Wars tiny Death Star. Most games have you play the good guys, or birds (who are apparently quite upset) and who happen to look surprisingly like the good guys. Not so in Star Wars Tiny Death Star. Today you’re going to be the Bad guys!

Your basic aim is to build a Death Star. But Death Stars cost money (some one calculated it at “$852,000,000,000,000,00) and so Vader and The Emperor hatched a plan, use commerce to build the Death Star. Capitalism one, Rebels nil.

How to play

If you’ve played tiny tower you’ll be familia with the game play. You start of with a couple of levels, one residential and one canteen. You can buy more levels which generate more income. And you need to move bitizens (it is distinctly 8bit in its graphics) to different floors they want to move to.

Each floor can have up to 3 different stock (one for each person employed) which takes time to get in. If the bitizen is in their dream job, it will take less time.

If you have all three stock in, a shopping spree will start and you’ll sell more of your stock.

As you continue you can pick up service, retail, residential (you need people to live their to be employed) and even Imperial levels (well a Death Star can’t just be shops now can it), but you also have guests and VIPs drop in from the films. Some give you a bonus, some unlock video screens. You even have to hunt down rebel spies.

tiny death star build tiny death star collect

What I Like

The in app music is all from the films and is annoyingly catchy (you’ll be humming the Star Wars cantina music for hours) and the characters are all races from the films. It’s not just a nod to the films but a full stamp of approval.

The game play is really easy as well and the stores keep running in the background while you aren’t playing.

What I Don’t Like

Although all your favorite characters are in the game…so is Ja Ja. Though there is a scene where he appears to be crushed by Jaba.

The game also makes use of in app purchases for imperial bux and credits. I really dislike this model of game play as they usually result in you have play for a ridiculously long time to level up or they make it impossible to play without paying money.

Luckily Star Wars tiny tower seems a bit better than some others in that leveling up at the start is very quick. However, I’m wary of playing the game because I dislike this type of financial model.

Buy/don’t buy?

Over all tiny tower is a great fun game that is worryingly addictive. It isn’t as good for a quick 5 minutes play on the go, it’s better suited to a sit down and play for 15 minutes or so.

If you love all things Star Wars then check it out, but remember, downloading leads to play, playing leads to addicting, addiction leads to paying for in app purchases…

Download Star Wars Tiny Death Star from the App Store.

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