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Remember when you brought your new Mac home? Every moment was exciting as you opened up the beautiful clean and white box, carefully removed the plastic protective cover, admired the brilliant design of the case and how neatly all the pieces were kept together.

Then you started it up, It was so quick! Every function was seamless and after using a slow old computer this was a breath of fresh air.

Fast forward half a year or so later and your once shiny and speedy Mac now has a few smudge marks on the shell from some dirt and runs slower than a snail (and I’m not talking about those ones in the new film Turbo). Part of it is your expectations of how fast a computer should be have increased, but also your mac has picked up some bulk over time and slowed down.

Cleaning the case of your Mac is no problem whatsoever, but what about cleaning out the memory, files and bulk so that it is fast and speedy again? Well, Clean My Mac 2 can help.

What is Clean my Mac 2?

Clean My Mac 2 is the second version of the Clean My Mac App which tidies up your Mac and gets it back in shape. It’s like a personal trainer for your Mac, that will help it loose all that holiday weight which it has gain since you bought it.

Clean My Mac 2 is made by MacPaw, makers of Gemini, CleanMyDrive and MacHider and has just today been updated to version 2.2.2, which has fixed a few little bugs and updated the Safety database to include iPhoto.

CleanMyMac 2 from macpaw on Vimeo.

What I Liked

Clean My Mac 2 stands out in a crowded market place of file and Mac cleaning apps. Where many provide you with basic automatic cleaners, which will delete cache files, clean out the trash can and other assorted system files you never look at, Clean My Mac 2 goes further.

Clean My Mac 2 provides you with services such as identifying large and not recently used files that are taking up vast amounts of space, optimising your iPhotos (removing the duplicate photos is valuable enough for many standalone apps), completely uninstall application (leaving no trace) and even help you manage your browser extensions and plugins.

The interface is really simple to use, easy to understand language and a intuitive process for each action and service. Not only that, but the support offered by MacPaw means that any problems that arise will be quickly overcome.

Clean My Mac 2 home screen

Another step in the simplicity and freedom of mind that comes with Clean My Mac 2 is the ability to schedule clean ups. This will insure that your Mac doesn’t get bogged down over time, but instead it constantly stays young, sprightly and responsive.

Finally, you can also set up Clean My Mac 2 to prompt you to do better Mac maintenance practices. When you try to uninstall a program by putting it in the trash can, Clean My Mac 2 will ask you if you want to use its complete uninstaller. Moreover, you can set a trash can limit for files where Clean My Mac 2 will ask you if you want to clean out the Mac’s trash can. You can even set up Clean My Mac 2 to prompt you to do a full clean up when the amount of free storage on your device gets too low.

What I Don’t Like

The biggest thing not to like is the price. $39.99 for a lifetime licence ($19.99 for a 6 month licence) is a significant amount to pay when you have rival Mac cleaners for as little as $12 or $19. This might put some potential users off, but I seriously encourage you to look at the benefits again. This app offers you much more than many of the cheaper alternatives and looks good while doing it.

The only other complaint that some users might have is that this is too complete a suit of applications. If you already have a photo cleaner app or an application that cleans up your file system, you might not need all the features Clean My Mac 2 offers. However, this is one of the cases where grouping all these features together just makes sense. You are likely to do many of these tasks at the same time as part of a Mac maintenance routine.

Buy/Don’t Buy

Clean My Mac 2 is now on my essential list of applications to recommend when people make the move over to a Mac. It helps keep Macs in tip top condition and is great value for money, even if the initial cost may seem a little high. I really recommend you check out Clean My Mac 2 today. If you are still unsure you can download a trial to use and I’m sure it will convince you.

Click here to head over to MacPaw and download a copy of Clean My Mac 2 today.

I was provided with a free copy of Clean My Mac 2 to help inform me when writing this review. However, I have tried to write as impartial a review as possible.

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