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Social Media: Macdaily Is There!

If you have been around the site since the beginning (April 1st 2013) than you have seen some changes come and go and come back again.
At heart I am a Fanboy, but I also am a tinkerer and love my stats. I like to look into them and change things up to see what is working and what is not. Sometimes I am right but overall it’s a toss up.

Macdaily has several outlets outside of the site that is part of our goal of wanting to become more of a community. With that said, it’s hard to maintain a fluent voice amongst the numerous social media outlets.

But we are going to do our best to meet you where you are!

After spending a few weeks watching the professionals talk it out on the Social Media Google+ Community, we here at Macdaily have decided to remain more consistant with you all. To keep you in the loop at all times with ongoings here at Macdaily.

We are a community and everyone needs to know what is going on.

With the above said, we wanted to put a bit of time into introducing where we are on the net. So you know where we are throughout our days and nights.


Twitter has been a home for us outside of the site since day one. We are at @Macdailyco along with our writers having a voice in the conversation as well. Twitter has always been a place of conversation for myself so it seemed quite obvious when I started Macdaily to include a Twitter account into the mix.

With iOS and Mac tools such as Tweetbot to have fun with, this really was a no brainer.


Facebook is a place that lots of folks love. I am not one of them, at one time we had a page with over 500 of you “liking” it. I have since deleted that page and today have created a new one. I know a bit OCD huh.

I have put my dislike for the service, ownership, corporation along with many other issues aside as that is where you are and may be. We want to reach you and include you in our community no matter where you are!

So welcome back! Macdaily can be found on Facebook at

Google+ Community

Google+ is one of my favorite places to converse. The community of the 130+ users is strong and active and a fun place to be. The iOS tools that Google has given us to mingle amongst the community are great.

The guidelines and overall feel is truly what Macdaily is about. It brings a space together for folks new to the Apple ecosystem to find other like minded folks or even help when they need it.

Join us on Google+ as we love it and know you will to.

So there you have it, Social Media and where we are as Macdaily. This is the overarching goal of Macdaily as a team, as a whole, as a community.

Be together everywhere we can be so we can help you all, our readers and friends, get what you need out of your Macs and iDevices!

Any questions do let us know, the comments are back on! and we are always on at Twitter, Google+ and now Facebook again! See you there and thanks for being part of the community!

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  1. Great piece Matthew, it made me rethink my process for the communities I am just starting to grow as well. As much as I don’t like Facebook, if that is where community lives, then that is where I need to be as well.
    Good stuff!

    I think I like the comments back by the way. As much as I understand carrying the conversation on the social networks, I like the history that is maintained in blog comments.