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Skype iOS apps updated to support Slide Over, Split View and more

Microsoft has updated their Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad apps for iOS 9 with new features and improvements. This update comes just days after an update to their Skype for Mac app. More after the jump.

The iPad version of Skype now supports the new multitasking features of iOS 9, that’s Slide Over and Split View. So you can use Skype for iPad while using another app alongside it, making sharing content easier. The iPad version also gets improvements to the low call volume issue.

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of Skype now fully support iOS 9, you can now reply to Skype notifications without having to open the app and with iOS 9’s improved Spotlight search, you can start chats with Skype contacts right from the Spotlight search.

Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad are both free from the App Store.

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