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A week ago or so I wrote about some handy tips for getting more from Siri. One of the key tips I mentioned is to look through the settings in Siri and check out some of the common commands. There’s always a chance to discover a feature you never knew existed or a new way to use Siri. However, it takes time and battery power to look through these.

Sometimes having a large, off phone reference sheet is what you really need.

Luckily MacTrusts has made this handy little infographic that shows some of the most common commands. It’s not a complete lists, there are usually several different methods to ask for the same thing and, taking the calendar for example, you can often ask to change the action or a completely different action than the one presented so it’s still worth fiddling around with your own phone to find out more of the commands.

However, it at least covers the basics and shows you the most common apps you can use siri with. There are more third party apps you can use Siri with but these aren’t mentioned directly in siri.


Basic Siri Comands

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Now there really isn’t an excuse to not start at least experimenting with Siri, if not using it as a regular part of your workflow.

What do you use Siri for most often?

[Original source: MacTrast]

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