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There are many posts about how to extend your battery life on your device by switching off certain functions. Heck, I even wrote one with some good tips for getting more battery life out of iOS 7. The thing is, you shouldn’t need to switch off features on your device to have enough battery life.

The Day Device

Your device should last a day with “typical use” I know that is a subjective statement and no doubt changes over time as people adapt to these new devices, functions and abilities. After all, now you can search for items on the internet, you use your phone more. If you are traveling and want to relax with a video, you will use your screen more.

In every case, as a new feature is added that increases the use of your device or drains more power, the battery has to increase so that a “typical user” can get a full days use out of it. After all, you might not have an opportunity to recharge and the device is suppose to be a “mobile” device, not a plugged in device.

Power Users Do Not Apply

However, there will always be exceptions to the rule. The user who is almost always on their phone. The person who uses their phone as a replacement computer or is pushing the phone to the limit more so than any other average user. You can’t plan your device’s battery life for this type of user and no matter how much you top up the battery life, these users will demand more from the device. Sure you can impress them with longer battery life but it isn’t worth planning for them.


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