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Should you buy the Apple Watch now or wait for the Apple Watch 2?

So should you buy the Apple Watch now or wait until September for Apple to unveil the expected Apple Watch 2?

If you were still on the fence about buying the current gen Apple Watch, we think the new watchOS update will probably sway your decision in its favor. Apple unveiled watchOS 3 at their annual World Wide Developers Conference and it brings with it a slew of improvements.

One of the major improvements of watchOS 3 is speed, it is now blazing fast when opening apps. If you remember, when the Apple Watch launched last year, one of the major downsides of the device was its lack of speed, it took an unreasonable amount of time (more than a few seconds) to open an app, when information on your wrist is supposed to be available instantaneous. In the time it took to open an app, it was quicker to just pull out your iPhone. 

With watchOS 3, Apple says it feels like a whole new watch and from the WWDC 2016 demo we couldnt agree more.
We think the speed improvements alone of watchOS 3 make buying the current gen Apple Watch a good decision. Here’s everything that’s new in watchOS 3.

If price is a factor in your purchase, you could still wait for September when prices are expected to drop with the release of the Apple Watch 2.

Apple Watch 2 rumors


As is tradition with nearly all Apple products, the Apple Watch 2 is expected to be thinner and lighter than the current model.

It’s unlikely Apple will make any design changes to the Apple Watch 2 according to one analyst, instead they’ll focus on internal improvements, making the next Apple Watch an ‘S’ release.

The Apple Watch 2 is rumored to include a FaceTime camera on the watch face, so users can make and answer FaceTime video and audio calls.

A patent filed by Apple shows that the company could be exploring the idea of exclusive bands for the device, the new straps show light fibres woven into them, meaning you can get notifications all around your wrist. It is worth noting Apple files for many patents many of which never see the light of day.

Rest assured though, Apple will have a few surprises for us regarding the Apple Watch 2 come September.


Apple’s WWDC has came and went, but there was no mention of new a Apple Watch, in fact there were no hardware announcements, which leads us to believe the Apple Watch 2 will debut alongside the iPhone 7 in September.


Depending on which model you opt for, the Apple Watch will set you back anywhere between $349 to $17,000, so basically the similar prices to what we’re seeing with the current model (which will obviously drop).

So what will you be doing? Let us know in the comments below
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