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Have you ever got an email from someone with the infamous “sent from my iPad” or “sent from my iPhone” maybe you’ve even been guilty of doing it yourself. It looks pretty terrible and unprofessional doesn’t it! I’m sure this was a great conversation starter when the iPad first came out but it’s time you (or your friend) rectified this and set up a proper email signature [make sure you share with anyone you know who is still making this noob mistake].

Setting a universal email signature

The first step you need to take is to replace your current email signature (whether that is sent from my iPhone or iPad). To do this, go into settings and scroll down to the mail, contacts and calendars settings. In here scroll down to signature and click on the setting. Now write whatever signature you want in the text box, you can choose to have individual signatures for different accounts so you can have a work signature and a personal signature.

Just to be clear that’s

  1. Open settings
  2. Open mail, contacts, calendars (within settings)
  3. Click on signature
  4. Edit the signature you want

The issue with this approach is you have a stock signature for every person from one account. It’s better than sending a “sent from my iPhone” signature but with a little effort you can go beyond this still.

Using Text Expander to easily add a custom email signature

Text Expander is a great tool for setting up a series of email signatures to use in different contexts. The great benefit of Text Expander is you can have these on your Mac, iPad and iPhone so you can access them no matter what device you are on. Oh and don’t forget that you can spread your signature over several lines unlike a keyboard shortcut that you could add a short cut for only one line of text.

The downside of text expander is you’ll have to copy and paste from inside the text expander app as doesn’t support text expander yet (though dispatch does).

How to make a good looking email signature

While we are on the topic of good email signatures here are a couple of links that will help you make better email signatures

If you’ve been sending emails with the default signature then there really is no excuse to still do it. And if you have a friend who keeps sending you emails sent from their iPhone or iPad then send them this article so they’ll stop!
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