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This little tip came up on the Mac Power Users podcast thanks to Katie Floyd. She pointed out that you can set up IFTTT to get podcast show notes to you via IFTTT. This could be with IFTTT sending you an email with those show notes, or saving them to Evernote.

This second option intrigued me more as I had recently started backing up my blog to Evernote via IFTTT and saving other records or data. This has made it useful for finding bits of information or links which I quickly forget about. I can see how saving the podcast shownotes could be very useful for find a link to an app or article that I remember being mentioned one time but can’t quite remember when. So, I thought I’d set it up.

How to Set up an IFTTT action to save podcast show notes to Evernote

Step one: make sure you have an account

Obviously you need to have an Evernote account and IFTTT account to get going. You can download the apps below or click these links to set up an account

Step two: create a new applet

Go into “my applets” and click the plus at the top right hand corner to create a new applet.

Step Three: Set up your trigger

Now click on this and select RSS feed, you can search to find it. From the options, select “new feed item” and enter the podcast feed you want to follow. For example, to get the show notes from a slab of glass, enter

Step four: Set up your action

Now we have our trigger set up, so we need our action. Click on “that” and choose Evernote and then create a new note in Evernote.

Now we get into some fine details and this is where you may want to vary some elements. The default set up will have the feed item (so the podcast episode title) to be the title of note, and the content of the feed item (so the show notes) to fill in the note content (with some IFTTT additions). This is probably what you want, but when it comes to notebooks and tags, I suggest that you use a tag for podcast and the title of the podcast, as well as the topics of the podcast and perhaps a notebook for podcast show notes. Of course, this will vary depending on how you use Evernote, you may use a “reference” notebook or something similar for it.

Give it a go with your favourite podcast

If you are like me and for some reason have an Evernote premium account (stupid work windows PCs) then you may find that you don’t use anywhere near your Evernote usage…So why not try saving your favourite, never miss podcast show notes so you can easily find that thing someone referenced one episode.

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