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Samsung’s latest Note 3 advert is out and unlike ones of Messi walking around an desolate area in a suit (clearly looking to get mugged if you ask me) this one features clips of LeBron James dunking and compares the Note 3’s screen with the iPhone 5s.

The main charges against the iPhone are the screen is too small to enjoy the experience and it isn’t even HD! Oh and it doesn’t have a “handy” stylus. This is classic Samsung advertising where they always take aim at Apple products and boost how theirs is bigger. Check it out below.

Really it reminds me of people who have to have bigger things to make up for the lack of size somewhere (their feet of course). it also stinks of a misplaced belief that bigger = better. It’s all been said before on why the iPhone doesn’t need a huge screen and it can still out perform Android phones with much higher specs so I though I’d share this quote instead.

Bigger is not always better -

Of course I can definitely see occasions when a larger phone would be very helpful, especially for those with larger fingers or who are visually impaired, but there is a good reason for that rather than just the misguided belief that bigger is always better.


Maybe I’m just a bit too much of a fan boy, but I’d rather have a phone that fits comfortably in one hand has enough pixels that you can’t distinguish them as you use them and can easily be used one handed than a much larger one (even if it does have an over saturated AMOLED screen). And besides, when you have to compare your product to another one, it’s clear who the underdog is. When your product holds the ground on its own merits, then it’s something special.

What do you think about the new Samsung Ads? 

[HT: Cult of Mac Pic via: Doghousediaries]

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