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Rumor: Upcoming 4-inch iPhone to be called iPhone 5e

If you’ve kept your ear to the ground recently, you’d know that we’re expecting Apple to release a four-inch iPhone in a couple of months. While most reports are stating the smaller iPhone model will be called the iPhone 6c, one Chinese site reports that Apple will call it the iPhone 5e. Check out what else they’re predicting…

According to the site, the ‘e’ stands for ‘enhanced’ and the design will resemble that of the iPhone 5s. They also claim that the specs of device will be lower than previously rumored, the device will have an A8 processor rather than the Apple’s latest A9 and it will have 1GB RAM rather than 2GB. This will essentially give it the same internals as the latest iPod Touch.

MyDrivers also states that the ‘iPhone 5e’ will be limited to two capacities, a 16GB and a 64GB. The go on to say that the new device is currently in production at Foxconn, ahead of its expected March release.

MyDrivers doesn’t have an established track record when it comes to reporting Apple rumors, so don’t be surprised if none of this comes true in a few months.

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