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Rise: Because Waking Up Is Hard To Do

After a long day of fighting my long and burdening task list, my brain is tired. My fingers, weary with long session of heavy typing, rest behind my back. My eyes, the ones that still hold on to a 20/20 vision, are dry and a slight burning sensation speak of their desire to fade into my eyelids. I find my spot in the queen sized bed — a place of rest and relaxation. Kids are in bed, wife is snoozing and I am slowly but shortly falling into a deep sleep. But before I do, my brain is reminding me that tomorrow, I get to do it all over again.

The key to my successful day is always based on waking up on time to slay your dragons. So, I turn to my right and find enough strength in my left hand to reach for my iPhone 5, which is laying next to me in my side table. No need to look for the app I need, it always lives on the top right corner of my main screen. I tap it, swipe up and swipe right. That’s it! My alarm is ready! As I start to fade into sleep, Rise, the best alarm application for the iPhone provides a digital clock and a soft mood light to prepare me for sleep. I always wonder who falls asleep first, me or the phone.

Rise for iOS is as easy as they come. The screen is filled with a fading blue and red background with the alarm time right in the middle. To setup your alarm you tap and hold the screen. Swipe up to set the time earlier, swipe down to make it later. Let go when you found the time you want to wake up to and swipe the screen to the right to turn alarm on. That’s it. No fancy menus, interface or fancy bells and whistles. This is design at its best. It takes, at best, 3 seconds.

If you wish to make Rise a bit more customizable, you can access the app’s settings by tapping and swiping up the small “gear” icon on the lower part of the screen. Here you can select music to wake up to, flash the screen, access different wake-up tones, setup a progressive alarm, snooze times, dim settings and see a brief user guide.

What makes Rise for iOS so good is its simplicity. There’s no need for fancy clocks and levers and buttons. It’s almost as if the app knows that you deal with enough troubles throughout the day and the last thing you want to do is get burdened by your alarm clock. Rise just wants to get out of the way and put you in a place of rest so that when it’s time to get up, you can go on with your day, knowing that you’ll have your 3 seconds of time with it later in the evening.

To me, that’s the purpose of an alarm clock. Something that doesn’t require too much time and effort. Rise for iOS is hands down the best alarm clock available on the app store. The app that is more than happy to be swiped for a few seconds at night and doesn’t require a hug or an “I Love you”. Go…. get it!


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  1. Ok, I too have been through several and I always end up going back to the Apple clock. I recently downloaded one called Suno that I have played around with a bit but haven’t finished figuring it out yet… This goes back to your commentary about simplicity however it may be worth it with Suno. I will keep you posted.
    As far as Rise is concerned… consider it downloaded.