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[Review] Lumsing P1 Mini 8000mAh portable charger

We were recently contacted by the folks over at Lumsing to review one of their new redesigned power banks, the Glory P1 Mini. We were sent the 8000mAh capacity model but it also comes in 10000mAh and 15000mAh capacities. There’s also a voucher code at the bottom of this review.

As with all Lumsing power banks, the device will come packaged in a small, eco-friendly cardboard box, inside you’ll find your manual, micro USB cable and your power bank.

Again, there’s nothing new here, there’s four LED lights on the front of the power bank, each represents a 25% charge. So if one LED is on that means the power bank has about 25% battery capacity remaining, two LEDs equal 50% and so on.

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The Lumsing P1 Mini has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. Ive only been using this power bank to charge my iPhone 6s and it’s pretty great so far. It’s even lighter than an iPhone 6s Plus! I can’t really fault this little device, I can carry it around with me with ease, in fact, I’ve decided to replace my Lumsing Grand A1 power bank with the P1 Mini, whenever I go out, and the Grand A1 stays around the house.

You can buy the Lumsing Glory Series P1 Mini from Amazon here

For the 8000mAh & 10000mAh models use coupon code – QEVFJE9A
For the 15000mAh model use coupon code – BJO3SH7L
(voucher codes are valid until Feb 13)

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