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[Review] Inmacus Wide Angle Lens Kit

Being able to capture amazing pictures with my iPhone has been quite a hobby of mine mainly because it’s the only device I have nearby, so if I see something interesting I can snap pictures in just a few seconds. The cameras on iPhones have come a long way since the first iPhone, but quite often I’ve found myself having to move back a few meters to capture more in the frame, but sometimes that’s not possible, enter the Inmacus 18mm Wide Angle Lens Kit

This article will only focus on the Wide Angle Lens, but the Kit includes a Circular Polarizer Lens and a HD Closeup Filter.



The build quality of the Inmacus Wide Angle Lens Kit is really high, the actual lens are aluminium while the lens mount is made of plastic. It feels like a premium product and it is, the lens weighs under 16 grams, small enough to stick in your pocket.


To get going simply screw on your desired lens onto the lens mount, whether it’s the 18mm wide angle, circular polarizer or closeup filter, then squeeze the two buttons on the sides of the lens mount and put it over your iPhone’s rear camera. Like many other lens, you cannot use the Inmacus Lens with a case. The Inmacus Lens Kit uses the protruding camera of the latest iPhones to its advantage, allowing it to simply click into place, giving it a firm grip.

Image Quality

I’ve tested a couple of different iPhone lens, from the high end to the down right cheap ones and I can easily say that the Inmacus Wide Angle Lens Kit beats each and every one. Most of the lens I’ve used have either had slight image distortion around the edges, with the center being the sharpest, the Inmacus Lens promises edge to edge sharpness with no image distortion, it felt just as good as the native iPhone camera, the only difference was that I could get more into my shot. I found the Inmacus Lens perfect for group photos and landscapes.

Native iPhone camera vs iPhone camera w/ Inmacus Lens images below

A quick comparison I did while shooting the unboxing video (above)

The Inmacus Wide Angle Lens Kit is available in GreyGold and Rose Gold colors for the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus. You can buy the Inmacus Lens Kit here.

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