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Over the weekend I went and picked up an iPad Mini. Many of my geeky friends were trying to make me wait for the latest revision in hopes of a retina screen. I purchased what I wanted. I got what I wanted and I love it.

I don’t care about retina.

Yesterday, in a healthy debate on Google+ I was called names such as crazy, retarded and even blind because I argued that,

unless you compare a retina screen side by side with a non-retina screen, you cannot tell the difference.

Proof is in the pouding, the above image is a pretty clear example of my argument. Unless you zoom in and or hold it side by side, you can’t notice the true beauty of retina. They are out there but you will be hard pressed to find an image at a distance that you use your iPad showing the “huge and amazing” difference between a retina screen and non-retina screen.

Apple has spoiled you and I both. It’s really that simple. Yes I love the clean look on my iPhone 5, BUT with iOS 7 hitting the mainstream in the next few weeks, the differences will truly become even more minimal to our human eyes.

The clean lines, the typography, even the beauty of the icons of iOS 7 will push a standard screen resolution to the max, making it look near retina to someone holding their iDevice.

So Apple, and the introduction of retina brought about a new standard, but a snobbish one. A standard that isn’t needed nor truly all that visually amazing. Technically, how they jam all of those pixels into a tiny place is amazing but the outcome is like staring at a 1080p TV from 7 inches away. You can only drool at the beauty from inches away.

Reading your iPad on your lap, watching a show, playing a game, just staring at your homescreen, retina doesn’t scream out to me yelling “hey, look at how gorgeous I am, get closer, closer, closer, Bam!”.

Has Apple spoiled you with retina? Will you never go back? Can you honestly say you can tell the difference after staring only at your iPhone 5 and looking at your poor wife’s iPhone 3GS?

We are spoiled.

Are you waiting for a retina MacBook Air? IPad Mini w/ Retina? Why?

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