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That’s the problem with always being online — people expect you to always be online.

The above is a quote by a well known Mac blogger but better yet, a thinking man. Rene Ritchie truly is a great thinker. His post from a few weeks ago has been stewing in my head since I read it last. Titled, “Being always connected, doesn’t mean that your always available“.

It makes you think, it makes you stop. Just because you have an iDevice doesn’t mean you have to always answer it. You don’t have to respond to texts. You don’t have to check sports scores all the time.

Just because we are always connected, doesn’t mean we have to be available. It’s bad to always be available.

My wife and I get into spats as most couples do from time to time over small things, we don’t really do the big blow outs, but a reoccurring theme is this topic.

My wife will answer the phone and immediately say I have to call you back, I am “blah blah blah”. And to that I say, why did you pick up the phone in the first place. If you are busy putting the kids into their carseats so they are safe, or dropping them off at school, the pool or even leaving the grocery store, you don’t have to pick up the phone.

The overarching concept around this statement can bleed into various aspects of our everyday lives. From texting in church to the insane statistic of at least 15% of people using their smartphones while having sex!

Relationships are built upon connections, if you are always connected to something else, said relationship will fail.

Ultimately, we control that mute switch, bedside mode, do not disturb toggle, and even the power button itself. Expectations be damned, we’re only as available as we allow ourselves to be.

It is only yourself you have to blame. It’s not work, it’s not your spouse, it’s not your kids, it’s you who have to make the conscious decision to step away from being connected.

We all lived a life where we didn’t have to text, Facebook, Tweet or call someone every minute of everyday.

This is a great reminder for us all. Take the time to be yourself with the ones you love, not be “that guy” who always has his face buried in his iDevice.

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