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Today is 30 years since Steve Jobs first introduced one of the three products Apple has produced that Steve Identified as revolutionary during his iPhone presentation. It’s probably fair to add the iPad to that list of products as well (considering the decline of PC sales after the release of the iPad as it moves to take the ground of personal computer for many users.)

Just two days before the announcement Apple aired this commercial during the Super Bowl.

Then two days later, in the middle of a long Apple Computer Inc (they still had computer in their name at this point) Steve Jobs took to the stage and announced the Macintosh.

Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh, 1984 from Vincent on Vimeo.

The thing I found really interesting about the presentation is that the features that Steve focuses on share so many similarities with the features that Steve brings up on the iPhone keynote. The smoothness of use, the quality of the screen, the simplicity to connect with other devices and the official accessories. Sure the numbers are significantly higher in the iPhone’s case but it’s the experiences that is the same. It’s clear that the culture at the heart of Apple products was formed early on and was responsible for their early and later success.

Although I wasn’t alive when the first Macintosh came out we did have one in my secondary school that I got to use and play around with. At the time I had no concept of the significance of the machine baring one of the first GUI and certainly the first mainstream GUI device. Instead we all favoured the more recent power Macs.

Apple Celebrates

ABC has confirmed it will interview Tim Cook to mark the 30th anniversary and tomorrow (the 25th of January) there is an event set to occur in the Flint centre near the Apple campus where the first Mac was announced 30 years ago. The team who created the first Mac are set to attend as well as some “special guests”.

I hope you enjoy the Maciversary.

[Photo Credit: All About Apple Museum via Wikimedia]


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