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[Release] Orangered – Reddit Push Notifications on iOS 8

Orangered is a jailbreak tweak that brings Reddit push notifications to your iOS 8 iDevice. Seemlessly (and securely) connecting to your Reddit account, you will be able able to recieve push notifications from a range of Reddit clients. Check out what I thought of Orangered…

Orangered has been around for quite some time now, since the days of iOS 5 in fact. Developer, Julian Weiss has always been the man behind the tweak, he developed the iOS 5-6 version himself, then collaborated with Phillip Tennen (codyd51) for the iOS 7 release, and now Rinse to bring us the iOS 8 update.

You ‘could’ use the stock iOS notifications for Alien Blue, but that’d mean having to keep the app always running in the background with iOS’s ‘Background App Refresh’, and then having to worry about your battery draining quicker.

With Orangered you can set a custom interval for when you want the tweak to check your Reddit inbox OR you can set an Activator gesture to check if you have any unread messages.

Even if you don’t have any unread messages, you can still have Orangered notify you with a banner. You can even mark your messages as read after recieving a notification or you can leave them ‘unread’. 

Orangered currently supports:
Alien Blue, Alien Blue HD, beam, narwhal, Feedworthy, Biscuit, Cake, Reddme, Aliens, amrc, Redditor. BaconReader. Reddito, Karma, Redd, UpVote, Flippit, MyReddit, Mars, OJ Free, OJ, Karma Train, iAlien.

Final Thoughts
If you’re a heavy Reddit user, Orangered is definitely a tweak you’re going to want to check out. Being able to check for unread messages via an Activator gesture is a pretty cool feature and you’re favorite Reddit client is bound to compatible with this tweak. With easy setup options, you’ll be ready in no time. It’s worth noting that Oranged currently sends 32-bit devices into Safe Mode when installed and an update should be coming in the next few days. But overall, being a Reddit user myself, I find this tweak pretty useful.

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